Habitable Earth-like World Discovered, Mission Planned to Colonize

Gallo City, Gallo County, North American Union – April 17, 2127 – The discovery of a habitable, Earth-like world located within our galactic neighborhood has been confirmed.

During a live press conference this morning from ARC headquarters, Moritz Gallo announced that the internationally funded Continuum Mission, launched 92 years ago this week, had successfully located a planet suitable for human habitation within our spiral arm of the Milky Way. “I am proud to declare that the Continuum Mission was a success. One of the mission’s interstellar probes located the candidate planet thirteen years ago, and follow up observations and studies by our scientists confirmed the find only recently.”

Mr Gallo described the newly discovered planet as “spectacularly familiar”, confirming that it orbits a yellow dwarf similar to our own Sol, is within 2% of Earth’s mass and diameter, is paired with a single moon, has large continents and oceans, and a breathable atmosphere already supporting photosynthesis.

Though the location of the host system is classified to protect the find, Mr Gallo did allow that the planet “is reachable within 200 years using current propulsion and cryostasis technology.”

As a follow up to the announcement of the planet, dubbed by mission scientists as New Earth, Mr Gallo announced the formation of the Homestead Project, a privately funded enterprise to colonize the planet and establish a second home system for our species. “We plan to have the first wave of settlers trained and on their way in less than twenty years. It’s an ambitious timeline, but then again, everything about the Homestead Project is ambitious.”

More details of the discovered planet and mission will be released in the coming months. In the mean time, all inquiries should be directed to the public relations department at Advanced Research in Cryofusion’s headquarters in Gallo City.

Moritz Gallo is the owner and president of Advanced Research in Cryofusion, the world’s largest corporation and the sole supplier for the fusion generator market. His corporation owns 270+ subsidiaries covering a diverse range of products and services, and runs a charitable trust foundation that provides grants to thousands of research institutes and public programs around the world, including the Continuum Mission.

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